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At Great Southern Chiropractic, we listen. We take the time to help people from all walks of life around the south of the state to feel comfortable, and heard. If we can help you we will, but if we can’t we will help you find someone who can. We offer compassionate chiropractic care and rehabilitation for families, and young and older people. We support and build confidence in people to manage their own health care.

Holistic chiropractic care

Our chiropractors in Albany and Katanning provide holistic, thorough and objective examinations and diagnosis. The treatment technique or pressure applied will depend on each client’s age, mobility, pain level and the complexity of their condition. In close consultation with you, we will tailor a care plan that draws from a number of the following techniques:

• Manual diversified adjustments;
• Thompson drop piece;
• Activator;
• Blocking;
• Webster technique; and

• Soft tissue techniques including:
+ Dry needling acupuncture
+ Graston technique
+ Trigger point
+ Rock taping;
+ Cross friction technique.

Individual treatment plans

Our care is tailored to your specific needs; we adjust what we find. Your health is evolving and so too will your treatment plan. People respond differently to common conditions and treatment. So, techniques can change from person to person, and over the course of your care as we vary your treatment to suit your individual needs. But there are no surprises. We take the time if you need the time.

In addition to chiropractic care we may also support your health care plan with:

• specific exercises
• postural and balance support
• nutritional advice and supplements.

Evidence based treatment

We base our treatment plans on current, clinical evidence, and work with other medical and healthcare professionals to enable the best possible outcome for you:

• We refer for plain film radiographs and MRIs as required.
• Our staff exceed industry standard professional development.
• We are members of the Australian Chiropractors Association.

Product support

To enhance your treatment, we offer a range of nutritional and health support products:

• Metagenics supplements;
• Complete Sleeper and latex pillows;

• Posture Medics (postural brace);
• Posture poles.

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